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Filling machine filling way

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-18
The automatic filler type on the market is very wide, automatic filling machine filling fast, efficiency is high, automatic filling machine not only can help enterprises to quickly complete the production efficiency, can also be profitable, automatic filler on the market at present basically has the liquid filling machine, weighing, filling machine, paste filling machine, etc. , if the liquid filling machine needs by filling principle, can be divided into normal pressure filling machine, vacuum filling machine and pressure filling machine. Automatic filling machine equipment: 1, normal pressure filling type: according to the weight of the filling liquid under atmospheric pressure, often filling of the filling machine can be divided into regular and quantitative filling. 2, the vacuum type filling: it is under the condition of the pressure in the bottle to be less than atmospheric pressure for filling bottles. The filling machine not only has simple structure, high efficiency, and the application of material viscosity range is very wide also. 3, pressure filling, filling is under atmospheric pressure. That, of course, can be divided into two types, one is the pressure inside the tank and the pressure inside the bottle is the same, due to its own weight and filling of liquid into the bottle way called isobaric filling, the other is a liquid storage tank pressure is higher than the pressure in the bottle, the liquid will according to the differential pressure into the bottle, it is usually used in high speed production line. The user can choose according to own situation filling machine. 4, piston filling: adopt pneumatic filling, is currently on the market commonly used automatic filling machine production equipment, strong adaptation, in view of the viscous liquid, cream, jam filling products, can be used in hd touch screen control: filling amount, filling speed adjustment function, can be individually and head set in a single filling volume.
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