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Blend oil filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-12
1, the liquid level: filling liquid level does not change with the bottle capacity, filling liquid level is the same. 2, no drop leak: reliable sealing closely, breakage, leakage, no will not automatically filling, there will be no spill. 3, no broken bottles: automatic bottle high error, frequency control of motor speed, soft start, soft brake, no rigid impact, no broken bottles of damage. 4, using both English and Chinese digital control panel to adjust filling capacity of the equipment, filling speed, magic eye positioning filling, preciseness. 5, the machine adopt stainless steel material manufacturing, with moistureproof and dustproof features. 6, the equipment according to the linear blend oil filling machine for liquid filling machine improvement according to the demand of other functional equipment production technology, such as automatically unscramble bottle machine, automatic screw cap machine, automatic labeling machine, automatic printing machine, and so on joint filling machine production line, automatic production. The whole machine adopts the integrated design blend oil filling machine equipment, high-quality components, such as PLC, photoelectric, touch-screen system simple operation, easy to adjust, friendly man-machine interface, USES the novel automatic control technology, achieve higher precision of the filling, the blend oil filler filling large range, high filling precision, compact structure, small body size, filling the adjust the measurement correction, digital display control, convenient operation, easy cleaning maintenance, low maintenance cost. Soy sauce vinegar filling equipment diving reset stop control system, which can effectively prevent filled with large amount of liquid overflow, the rise and fall of diving agencies by motor automatic control, saves the manpower, improve the control accuracy, is widely used in food, cosmetic products, cosmetic, chemical and other industries of liquid filling.
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