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The use requirements of the filling machine and maintenance methods

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-19
1. Before the loading of filling machine, please read the manual carefully to avoid installation errors. 2. Now insert filling container fixed box, and then connect it to an external power supply. It should be noted that a power socket must be triangle socket, and connected to the ground, in order to prevent the leakage of 2. Supported by armoured support plate filling machine, push the locating sleeve to filling on the nose, locating sleeve can be flexible to move up and down, filling machine and barrier-free, filling machine without retraction impairment in 4. Open the filling machine for liquid at the bottom of the switch, make the material smoothly into the main metering pump, and then the knob on the filling speed board around 20 degrees, to open the switch on the filling speed board 5, to set the amount of the liquid filling machine for a fixed amount, and then adjust the quantity of produced liquid tighten nut, cover the filling head shell, loosen the filling of aircraft maintenance support plate 1. During the period of maintenance, remove the screw from the filling machine, and then clean the residue products filling machine. Then use cleaning fluid filling tank, in order to keep the filling surface clean. 2. Before filling machine factory have add the lubricating oil, so when cleaning, do not add any lubricating oil. In addition, the need for filling machine for regular maintenance, so that the healthy and stable filling machine
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