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The jiangnan area special inspection of boiler pressure vessels and other special equipment

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-10
Check whether the key is the use of units of special equipment for use registration, whether or not according to the legal time limit inspection, whether to carry out the safety management system, whether to use shall be scrapped in boiler; Whether to use unqualified upon examination of boiler, whether or not to use the problems hidden trouble without corrective to complete the stoker boiler, boiler work special equipment such as mount guard personnel whether show certificates; If there are emergency measures and emergency plan, etc. From inspection, use the unit can do the following: one is use registration certificate, in accordance with special equipment inspection on schedule; Second, stoker boiler work all related certificates; Three is to have emergency measures and emergency plans; Four is not found using scrap and existing problems of hidden danger and did not completed rectification of boiler. But also found some problems in the examination and some unit using security technology archives keeping enough specification, equipment operation record is not complete, pressure gauge and relief valve safety attachments failed to timely inspection, according to the above situation, law enforcement personnel on-site special equipment inspection instructions book, rectification within a time limit shall be ordered to use units. At the same time, in order to promote better units used for special equipment safety management, law enforcement personnel further promote the 'special equipment safety', to the enterprise safety management personnel to issue laws and regulations, require the use of the relevant person in charge of the unit in strict accordance with the special equipment safety law and related laws and regulations to manage special equipment such as boiler, deep draw hard lessons from the accident and ensure the normal operation of special equipment.
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