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The importance of regular cleaning heat exchanger

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-14
General situation of heat exchanger cleaning according to scale, when the heat transfer effect can not meet the requirements of process design is will have to be washed. This is relatively simple inspection standards, from the perspective of saving energy and reducing consumption, heat exchanger heat transfer surface condenser if attached to 0. 2 ~ 2 mm scale, will enable heat transfer efficiency to reduce 10 ~ 40%, 0. 3 mm silicon scale, will make heat exchanger condenser heat transfer efficiency is reduced by 90%. In addition, heat exchanger cleaning has very important significance. 1, improve the external appearance of the equipment, purification and beautification, removal of factories, buildings, transport of dirt on the surface of the inside and outside, also its true colors, can be achieved to improve its appearance, the purpose of purification. 2, maintain the normal production, extend the service life of equipment, clean up dirt raw material surface can keep the surface properties of materials, the implementation of the subsequent production process. Regularly or irregularly clean production equipment of the dirt, to maintain the normal operation of equipment, control equipment corrosion, prolong service life and the purpose of the operation cycle. 3, to reduce energy consumption, reduce the production cost of industrial cleaning besides all these aspects can reduce the cost also can reduce consumption of raw materials and energy, improve the production efficiency to reduce production cost. 4, reduce production accidents, beneficial to human health. Clean dirt can reduce accidents caused by production process and equipment of reason, and with the personal. Cleaning sterilization, disinfection, removal of radioactive pollution, etc. , beneficial to human health. 5, improve the production capacity, improve the quality of the product to remove contaminants on the surface of the raw materials xiaoke to maintain its good after processing performance, improve product quality with burning. Regular cleaning of equipment and can maintain its production capacity, reduce the influence of dirt on the product performance.
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