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The current situation of the development of automatic filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-28
Domestic and foreign trade expanded rapidly, people's living standards improve, the filling of the product demand is higher and higher, automatic filling machine is urgent to realize mechanization and automation, which greatly promoted the development of the automatic filling machine industry, automatic filler industry occupies the position of more and more important in national economy. To promote the development of the automatic filling machinery industry faster, our country has established some automatic filling machine management agencies and industry organizations. Automatic filling machine industry is growing at 2% a year on average to a 3%, developing filling speed is higher than the industry average growth rate of 15% 17%, higher than the traditional mechanical industry average growth of 4. 7%. Automatic filler industry has become the national economy indispensable important production equipment in the industry. In our country at present is engaged in production of automatic filling machine, about 15 including nearly 4 has a certain scale enterprises. Products have four types, 27 kinds of one batch of can not only meet the needs of the domestic market, and to participate in international competition in the market of high quality products. At present, the automatic filling machine industry has a strong ability to develop leading enterprise, which primarily consists of the following aspects: through technical modification, the production of filling machinery of some strength strong machinery factory; In order to improve the technical level automatic filling machine industry, the country set up & ndash; Batch of automatic filling machinery research institute right now, some colleges and universities have established filling engineering, for the development of the filler industry in our country, as soon as possible to catch up with the world's advanced level provides powerful technical guarantee. Although liquid filler industry developing rapidly, achievement is very big, but compared with developed countries, whether in the filling machine product varieties, technology level and product quality have very big difference. Developed countries have the microcomputer control, artificial intelligence, image sensing, mature industrial robots and other high and new technology applied in the automatic filling machine, filling machine industry and these high and new technology in our country has just started using; In China, the varieties of filling machinery gap about 3% one 4%; Filling machinery product performance and appearance quality has certain gap. So we must take strong measures to further speed up the domestic filling machinery industry development, and strive to catch up with the world advanced level as soon as possible.
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