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The classification of the automatic filling machine and choose to use

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-23
Automatic filling machine has a variety of categories: different filling machine equipment filling liquid, the liquid gas, water, paste or other materials, and different packing containers such as bottles, cans, barrels, bag, etc. , the type of automatic filling machine also has a method of use is different, often filling machine classification method is as follows: full automatic filling machine: the choice of equipment should be according to the nature of the filling material such as viscosity, bubble, volatile, choose suitable filling machine, such as gas content to meet the requirements of production process. , for example, to avoid the loss of volatile aromatic matter, should be used with a strong aroma of glass or normal pressure filling machine, for Yu Guo juice, in order to reduce the contact with the air, and to ensure the quality of the product, often should use it. Vacuum juice filling machine, filling machine production capacity and processing before and after packaging machinery production capacity to match. The principle of high productivity and good product quality, automatic filling machine directly reflects the productivity of production line production ability, the higher the productivity, the economic benefit is better. In order to improve the quality of products, should choose equipment of high precision, high degree of automation of the filling machine, and additional equipment cost, thus increasing the cost per unit of the product, therefore, in the choice of automatic filling machine, related factors are analyzed combined with the production process requirements. Is the scope of automatic filling machine technology refers to its ability to adapt to different production requirements, the process range is wide, the higher the utilization rate of equipment, and a versatile automatic filling machine, which USES the same device can fill all kinds of materials and specifications. In order to meet various varieties and specifications of the production requirements, feed industry should choose processing range of the most widely filling machine. Conform to the principle of food hygiene. Because of the special health drinks and beverage industry requirements, selected filling machine parts in direct contact with the structure of the material should be easy to remove and clean, and there is no dead corner. And must have a reliable sealing measures, in order to prevent impurities mixed and material loss. In terms of material, should be used or non-toxic materials as direct contact with the material of stainless steel parts. The use of the use of safe, easy to maintain, automatic filling machine operation and adjustment should be convenient, energy saving, safe and reliable, and its structure should be easy disassembly and assembly, the parts should be generalization and standardization, and first of all should choose low price, light weight, small volume filling machine. Automatic filling machine classification: 1, according to the degree of automation, divided into manual filling machine, semi-automatic filling machine, automatic filling machine, filling screw cap all-in-one. 2, according to the structure, linear filling machine for filling machine. 3, according to the dosing device, capacity cup filling machine, liquid filling machine, the rotor type filling machine, plunger type filling machine. 4, according to the filling valve quotas, divided into single head filling machine and long filling machine.
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