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Horizontal paste filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-03-19
Live in have a necessity believe that everybody is not strange, it is cream products. Common cream products are common in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, for its production equipment, the paste filling machine is the existence of unique, walk in the front of the production equipment. The emulsifying machine equipment processing after the completion of the cream products, and then quickly entered the stage of packing, this is produced by paste filling machine. Due to the packaging industry packaging type is more, the following recommendations under horizontal paste filling machine adaptability is wide, big, small and medium-sized manufacturers need to purchase products. Horizontal paste filling machine is introduced: horizontal paste filling machine is semi-automatic piston type filling machine, used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and special industries, is the paste, sauce, thick body and so on carries on the quantitative filling of the ideal equipment. Reasonable design of horizontal paste filling machine, small machine, easy operation, simple maintenance. Material contact parts adopt 34 stainless steel, in line with the GMP requirements. Filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted, and the filling precision is high. Filling stop using drip tight, wire drawing and filling lifting device. Horizontal paste filling machine can be divided into single head paste filling machine, double-headed paste filling machine, can according to demand configuration, also can connect the production line, automatic filling. Horizontal paste filling machine is: 5 - - 1 ml of 1 - - 2 ml of 5 - - 5 ml of 1 - - - - - - - 1 ml of 3 - - 25 ml of 1 - - 5 ml of other non-standard custom-made model horizontal paste filling machine technical parameters: power supply: 5 hz power: 22 v. 1 kw production capacity: 2 - 4 ( The/min) 6 (machine weight: kg) Pressure: gas supply. 6 ( Mpas/cm2 measuring accuracy: & lt; 1%
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