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High speed mixer in our country enterprise is low cost expansion path

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-16
High speed mixer in our country enterprise is low cost expansion path. In current overcrowded industry market, the enterprise into a bloody 'red sea' - — The fierce competition of the known market space. In order to survive and development, the enterprise interacting each other, rely on 'price war' to participate in the competition, the results into a struggle to the industrial chain of low-end. A simple example can prove, in the past, a normal high speed mixing machine is to sell tens of thousands of yuan, now only sell thousands of yuan. So, in recent years, under the positive support of policy, the association's careful guidance, under the entrepreneur is self-motivated, high-speed mixing machine industry in China started a war of 'blue ocean', namely the individual enterprises to actively adjust the structure of small mixer products, go the way of different development, constantly to the high-end products, open up new market space, finally realizes the enterprise sustained profitable growth. For high speed mixer entrepreneurs in China, they have a dream, is through 'unusual road', enhance the core competitiveness of China's high speed mixing machine industry, make the big industry of our country from the high speed mixer county become strong. Speaking of high-speed mixing machine industry, our country has enormous pride, its high-speed mixer output accounts for 70% of the domestic market. However, our country also have a trace of bitterness, its output accounts for 70% of domestic market, more than a third of output value only.
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