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Hand washing liquid filling machine production line

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-08
High degree of automatic filling machine production line, it is according to the characteristics of the small hand washing liquid viscosity, corrosive, for hand washing liquid and washing products and advanced filling equipment, hand washing liquid filling production line equipment adopts the piston metering pump, each separate adjustment, accurate filling volume, reasonable structure, convenient operation, can be applied to different materials, different specifications of the bottle, metering pump and automatic hand sanitizer material contact part of the filling machine, made of 316 l stainless steel and disassemble because it is easy to disinfect, comply with GMP standard. Hand sanitizer for linear filling machine filling machine production line equipment, bottle, bottle conveyor belt, positioning, filling head, piston metering pump group, electrical components are the main parts, such as the agency through the mechanical transmission system of the organic combination of them, according to the needs of the compact coordinated action, complete bottle, bottle, positioning and quantitative filling, cover, cover, screw cap, labeling action, such as the machine has compact structure and bright, easy to adjust, and reliable. Hand washing liquid filling machine production line equipment characteristics: 1, hand washing liquid filling machine production line a high degree of automation, simple operation, stable running, can effectively save the cost for the enterprise, improve the production efficiency. 2, each single machine can work independently, independent of the operating system and CNC electrical components such as monitor, for all kinds of parameters and display Settings to control and adjust, can help enterprises to implement standardization production. 3, hand washing liquid filling machine production line of single linkage separation speed, quick and easy adjustment, ensure each production process. 4, hand washing liquid filling machine production line running smoothly, each function combination is convenient, easy maintenance, can according to the needs of users of the respective product process all kinds of production.
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