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The working principle of the suction vacuum filler

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-11
Method of vacuum negative pressure filling machine is suitable for filling some low viscosity liquid materials such as fruit juice, beverage, oil, syrup and other liquid materials. This method not only can improve the filling speed, and can reduce the residual air in the container with the liquid material contact and impact. Is vacuum negative pressure filling machine for filling beverage, fruit juice, food products such as liquid filling material, high precision, filling without air bubbles. Below is the customer pay more attention to the detailed overview of the principle of vacuum negative pressure filling machine. One, the method of vacuum negative pressure filling machine is under atmospheric pressure filling method: 1, one is the differential vacuum type, namely the interior of the tank in the atmospheric state, only the interior of the container empty, in order to form a certain degree of vacuum, liquid materials into the container and according to the pressure difference between two containers to complete filling. 2, gravity type vacuum, that is, by gravity under low vacuum filling method, using the method of container need to seal in the container ( Usually the bottle) Fill to reserve level, under the environment of low vacuum filling this must first to avoid caused by liquid filling flow and pure air reflow, secondly to avoid broken down or broken bottles, if no vacuum in the container, the machine will not fill, can prevent the liquid drop.
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