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The liquid part of the pressure vessel volume with temperature area calculation method

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-06
In considering the fire response time and effective fire control facilities location and factory fire conditions, on the basis of the actual no fortification of container by the designer, but the lower limit of the total reaction time should not be less than 15 min. Computing time needed for all gasification of liquid in the container, it is possible to schedule and relief valve Settings for inspection. The following calculation assumes that the liquid level is lower than the effective flame height under 25. Step 1 calculating actual liquid volume in containers. For simplicity, assume that the liquid part of the container size and temperature is directly proportional to the ratio of the area to total area, if the container had receiver should be combined with the volume. V1 = V (always A wetting/A total) ( 3) Step 2 calculate the container time required to complete liquid gasification. First of all to find the time needed for heating liquid boiling: S1 = VLQK ( 真沸点- Tn) 问×60岁( 4) Computation time needed for gasification liquid volume: S2 = VLQKQ x 60 ( 5) Step 3 the gasification of the liquid could be the total time: S = S1 + S2 ( 6) If the calculated time is less than 15 min, then according to the gas container. Containers on the relief valve can't prevent melting. If the calculated time is more than 15 ~ 20 min, we have reason to use on the surface of the wetting method. With this type ( 1) And ( 2) Determine the size of the relief valve, use type ( 6) Adjusted, can increase the credibility of the metal wall. Step 4 determine the container pressure can reach the set pressure. In some cases, the last drop of liquid after gasification, container pressure could reach the set value, and the relief valve will open on the container. If the container set pressure is low, it will be very accurate. So in addition to the rule of the time, designers should also still contain roughly when a drop of liquid container pressure. Hypothesis: the internal temperature of the container has reached the boiling point temperature; The inside of the container liquid and steam is single component hydrocarbon or other pure substance; Steam is the ideal gas. For the initial gas phase, calculation of steam of moles.
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