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The emulsifying machine working principle is what

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-03-08
Emulsification machine by smoothing head connected to the engine to shear, dispersion and high speed rotation of impact material. In this way, the material will become more sophisticated, make the mixed oil and water together. Widely used in cosmetics, shampoo, sunscreen and many other products of the emulsifying machine. In the food industry, soy sauce, juice, etc. Pharmaceutical ointment. Petroleum chemical industry, paint coatings ink emulsification machine will be used. High-speed emulsification machine, mainly for the production of micro emulsion and super fine suspension. Due to dispersion (three groups The stator and rotor) Work in the working chamber at the same time, the cut after the emulsion droplets more delicate, more narrow particle size distribution, the mixture is more stable. Three groups scattered head easily replaced, suitable for different application process. The series of different models of machine has the same linear velocity and shear rate, so it is easy to expand the scale of production. The right temperature, pressure and viscosity parameters and DISPLATION. Also conforms to the engineering/construction project under construction cleaning standards, applicable to the food and drug production.
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