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Plate heat exchanger product structure and working principle

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-18
Product structure and working principle of the plate heat exchanger composed of heat transfer plate, sealing gaskets, pressure plate, upper and lower guide rod, the clamping screw, the prop, the over, flange parts (such as See figure 1) 。 With a set of sealing gasket, specially design and heat transfer plate made of special processing, according to the design flow chart for assembly, and the pressure plate, guide rod, the clamping screw and become whole. Heat transfer plate on the four angles of hole forming fluid distribution pipe and gathering, sealing gaskets and fluid distribution to the respective port. Plate corrugated strengthened slab rigidity, strengthened the heat transfer process, the plate has strong ability of pressure and higher heat transfer coefficient. Plate of special design, make between adjacent two plate constitutes the network channel, flowing fluid in the complex network channel, even under low flow rate, also can make the fluid aroused intense turbulence between the board, thereby effectively destroyed the thermal boundary layer, achieved the effect of strengthening heat transfer. Product installation 1, before using, check the clamping screw is loose in transit, such as loose should be symmetrical to tighten the screw, even to the specified size. 2, in strict accordance with the product nameplate on the inlet and outlet of the cold and hot medium correct connection line. 3, heat exchanger and the pipeline connection before, in the face of the pipeline inspection and cleaning tube sundry, in case of debris flow into the heat exchanger in jams. 4, to prevent dirt plug flow, influence the heat transfer effect, the installation of the filter at the entrance of the heat exchanger is recommended. 5, in cold and hot medium of the heat exchanger inlet and outlet, should install the thermometer, pressure gauge and valve. 6, such as heat exchanger used in food industry, the use of heat exchanger in all channels must be cleaned and disinfected before, can connect into the hot water running, channel in order to remove the oil and sundry. Products using 1, the operation of the heat exchanger, should first slowly into the low temperature side, and then into the side of high temperature medium; Should be slow when stop the machine to cut off the side of high temperature medium, and then cut off the side of the medium at low temperature. 2, heat exchanger should be in the working temperature and working pressure of the product within the scope of operation, it is strictly prohibited to overtemperature and overpressure operation. 3 before use, heat exchanger shall present the import of cold and hot medium all closed, valve outlet valve is opened entirely. Should be open cold medium inlet valve, after being cold medium flow normal, before slowly open heat medium inlet valve. 4, heat exchanger during normal use, often should record the thermometer, pressure gauge shows the running state of parameters. Found the problem, handle in time.
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