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Parsing the filling and sealing machine is equipped with screw fine-tuning

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-16
Filling and sealing machine is a kind of tubular metal hose or composite hose filling paste materials and sealing of the high degree of initiative in equipment. Choose fit the requirements of GMP new metering pump, stainless steel butterfly valve with screw fine-tuning, measuring precision; Filling liquid pause with PLC programmable control and photoelectric standard organization, brand positioning accurate reliable; Frequency control of motor speed, complex tissue dividing positioning, with the world organization for zui new fold edge sealing tail. Filling and sealing machine features: 1, transmission part closed under channels, secure, no pollution; 2 channels, filling and sealing parts installed in more than half closed no static frame visible enclosure, easy to survey, easy operation, easy maintenance; 3, filling and sealing machine, PLC control, man-machine dialogue interface; 4, progressive turntable driven by CAM, fast speed, high precision; 5, hang on tube, tube organization is equipped with vacuum adsorption equipment, ensure active pipe precisely into the world; 6, photoelectric for standard workstation, using high-precision sensor, stepper motor control such as hose picture is located right orientation; 7, filling the mouth with the organization of break, to ensure the quality of filling; 8, no tube no filling; Sealing, filling and sealing machine to choose 9 ( Leister hot air gun) Internal heating tube end, external equipment cooling cooling equipment; 10, active play word workstation will word printed on the technological requirements of bearing; 11, plastic mechanical shear hose tail selection at right angles or rounded; 12, fault protection police, without alarm, door key, overload downtime; 13, number and quantitative filling and sealing machine downtime stainless steel light touch switch board face; Hang on type and hanging straight tube warehouse, can choose; Arc armrest is equipped with vacuum adsorption equipment, after armrest and pressure pipe equipment, the hose is feeding on the workstation; Photoelectric for standard workstation, with high-precision sensor, step motor control such as hose picture is located right orientation; Filling and sealing machine is filled material, air blow-off device blows away the cream tail; No tube filling and sealing machine filling; Selects the tube end sealing temperature internal heat, external equipment cooling equipment; Initiative will play word workstation word printed on the technological requirements of bearing; Right angles to the plastic mechanical shear hose tail selection or rounded; Filling and sealing machine fault protection police, overload downtime; Filling and sealing machine number and quantitative downtime. Filling and sealing machine is widely used in cosmetics, toothpaste, medicine, food, chemical and other professional choose hose filling liquid packaging products.
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