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Principle of mixed type pause

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-19
At present, many users in powder, powder mixing machine many choices of domestic original vertical cone mixing equipment, but experts suggest that there are many shortcomings due to the vertical cone mixer, repair rate is very high, so in powder/powder or granular materials mixed, should choose horizontal mixer, the mixing efficiency of the equipment are high, mixing of good quality and discharge time is short, less residue. But the selection and use of horizontal mixer needs to pay attention to the following: 1. According to the daily production choose lie the mixing machine. For mixing machine each batch of material processing time about 10 minutes, plus and feeding time, each batch of material according to 15 minutes of processing time is 1 hour and can continuously processing 4 batch of materials. If choose the mixing machine of 100 kg per batch manufactured, machinable 400 kilograms per hour. The user can choose according to their own needs to horizontal mixer. 2. According to the working principle of horizontal spiral belt type mixer, used in the double helix mixing ability to push the material into the opposite direction should be consistent. Due to the screw pitch should be less than the spiral belt, in order to push the material ability, inside outside spiral belt pitch should be less than spiral belt, and width should be greater than the spiral belt, or you will make the material to concentrate in one direction. Therefore, when choosing horizontal mixing machine should pay attention to this. 3. According to the principle of design, the spiral belt type mixer in the clearance between the spiral belt and shell can be 4 mm to 10 mm, material can be mixed with the friction drive all. But due to the different grinding particle size and material of the friction coefficient, thus can make the various components of the material in different mixing time, cause inhomogeneity of the product. At present some manufacturer has been aware of this and has made the improvement to the product. One is pay attention to the machining accuracy and reduce the bottom gap to about 3 mm; Another kind is made between spindle and shell position can be adjusted in the form of, according to the amount of wear and tear can often adjust the clearance between the spiral belt and shell. In choosing a mixing machine, these two forms of products should be the best choice. 4. Select horizontal spiral belt type hybrid confidential note discharging mode. Should be timely communication with suppliers to choose suitable technology of valve form, at the same time don't pick out side of the mouth of the material form. Reason: when mixing machine within the prescribed time to complete, after mixing the shortest period of time a qing guaranteeing the uniformity of material; If use side mouth gradually spiral belt net, it is a waste of time, can not meet the expected productivity, second is the material already best evenness, excessive stir even material segregation, destroyed the uniformity, thus lost the meaning of the horizontal mixer.
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