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Resin plant and turnkey project
How many cosmetic cream manufacturing equipment are produced by Jinzong Machinery per year?
At Guangdong Jinzong Machinery Co., Ltd., thanks to our unremitting efforts in boosting output and improving productivity on the production lines, we have achieved a significant increase in our annual output since established. How we do that? We have the most skilled employees working on the most crucial machines to avoid production errors; we have adopted the lean production method to ensure the quality, accuracy, and efficiency of production; and our use of the latest technology has also contributed to making sure our output is constantly increasing.

Jinzong Machinery has been focused on reactor design, construction and service for decades. Various in styles, Jinzong Machinery's reactor can meet the needs of different customers. Jinzong Machinery high temperature reactor follows the measures and procedures of production. Made of stainless steel, it is highly durable. We are proud to say our powder mixer are born with excellence. The product is easy to install, which greatly save human resources.

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