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Automatic filling machine use should pay attention to what issues?

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-29
Automatic filling machine is one of many manufacturers production and packaging equipment, after we buy automatic filling machine, the most important is to use it, many people do not know anything about the use of filling machine, what we need to pay attention to before and after each use and demand? Before using the automatic filling machine, you must first install and debug equipment, debugging before, please read the instructions carefully and ready to use. After the installation of filling machine, filling will guide and receiving tray leveling, bottle filled with material in the liquid storage barrel, all electric switches in the closed position, will fill the container in the toolbox, and then connect it to an external power supply. Power socket must be a three pin plug, and with solid ground wire. Must pay attention to the protection after using automatic filling machine, remove the piston in the process of protection, please unscrew set screw, in order to prevent affecting when unloading the first a screw another process requirements. Before cleaning automatic filling machine, the rest of the product should be clean, and then filled with a soft cleaning fluid in the bucket. Please do not open or add any smooth oil, to ensure that the appearance of automatic filling machine clean sanitation. When not in use, please disconnect the power supply, adhere to the protection and proper use of filling machine, also need regular inspection and debugging, only in this way, automatic filling machine to stable production.
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