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Small filler of choose and buy and maintenance

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-03-12
Small filling machine gradually entered our field of vision, so how to choose and they want for their own small filling machine? In fact, as long as we did it this time, won't make mistakes: 1. Small filling machine price changes varies with the extent of filling, filling range is wider, the better. 2, try to choose choose the model of mature technology, stable quality, the packing is faster and more stable filling machine, low energy consumption, less manual labor and low rejection rate. 3. Simple operation and maintenance, the choose and buy complete accessories, automatic continuous conveying mechanism, improve the filling efficiency and reduce labor costs, suitable for enterprise long-term development. 4. Cost-effective principle. The current domestic production of small batch filling machine quality is greatly improved than before, and JinKouJi. 5, according to their own product characteristics, quantitative filling factory site visit to a small house, according to own actual need to choose the appropriate small quantitative filling machine. How small filling machine maintenance: 1, should observe the small pneumatic combination of two filling machine filling machine oil and water filter device, dry when no water is normal. 2, often observe the machine running situation, the work every movement is normal, if the screw loose, if there is any exception should be closed for repair in time. 3, check the pneumatic piping to ensure scientific leak, clean without sundry around the machinery and equipment. 4, should be timely replacement of reducer lubricating oil a year, check the filling machine chain of firmness, ensure that tension is correct. 5, small filling machine sensor collision and overload is strictly prohibited. Employees are not allowed to touch it easily. 6, keep small filler surface clean, clean to ensure the electric cabinet, such as stop using for a long time, should drain pipe material. 7, to ensure that employees work in a small filling equipment has been shut down, and to do a good job of cleaning equipment outside.
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