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Semi-automatic paste filling machine instructions after purchase

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-03-20
Semi-automatic paste filler filling, we will consider how to use this machine for a longer time. Because only in this way can maintain the normal production of packaging, therefore, it is necessary to master the semi-automatic paste filling machine must master after the operations. Important operating matters is semi-automatic paste filling machine installation and debugging, the paste filling machine cleaning requirements and filling operation and maintenance, semi-automatic paste filling machine installation and debugging: 1, when unpacking the case according to the filling quantity adjustment: first turn the filling quantity adjusting handwheel, observe the size of indicator window, meet the requirements of loading, adjust the suction line speed at the same time, achieve satisfactory filling effect. 2, semi-automatic paste filling machine cleaning requirements shall be thoroughly clean before operation, use cleaner of nonwoven soft cloth and wipe the grease or dirt, and then use soft nonwoven cloth to dry it. 3, according to GMP requirements, check the semi-automatic paste filling machine parts in contact with the material. 4, when found filling measurement is not stable, check the feed list, found that the check valve may be stuff gets stuck, lead to inadequate seal, affect the filling amount, 5, lower part of cylinder block leakage said piston sealing ring wear, need to change. 6, semi-automatic paste filling machine operation: this is divided into two kinds of automatic and manual operation, manual, using his foot on the filling, automatic interval is automatic filling in a row.
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