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Edible oil filling machine filling principle

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-30
Cooking oil filling machine because of its high efficiency and become popular devices on the market, do you know the principle of filling machine? The main characteristics of edible oil filling machine automatically transferred from lose bottle line filling the container to filling area by bottle wheel mechanism accurately, magic eye automatic positioning bottles, bottle after contact with filling valve automatically open to filling, filling is completed, the bottle will automatically, automatic transmission, the entire process is over. Automatic cooking oil filling machine this filling machine with automatic protection device, in case the cork, automatic shutdown effect, protection of human security, the piston type filling for filling viscous liquid, chili oil, edible oil, lubricating oil, laundry detergent, shampoo, cosmetic cream, and other products, can through the filling machine automatic filling, industries are widely used in food, cosmetic, pesticide, medicine, daily chemical products and so on factory automatic packaging production. In recent years, the larger scale of the cooking oil filling machine, and gradually to develop in the direction of electrical integration, automation, & throughout; Filling machine automatic cooking oil in the middle of the competition for technical innovation, hard to win the support of the market, through the introduction to the working principle of filling machine, believe that we can better operation at work and use cooking oil filling machine.
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