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And the heat exchanger in the latest application of high pressure cleaner

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-11-08
The application of heat exchanger in high pressure cleaner, brought convenient to clean the tube and shell condenser. Using heat exchanger in high pressure cleaner cleaning tube and shell condenser is not only the high efficiency and good cleaning effect, and no damage, no corrosion to equipment, and after cleaning and can be non-stop under the condition of cleaning equipment, reduce the operation cost for the cooling system has played a great significance. Applications of heat exchanger in high pressure cleaner 1. Cement rotary kiln and cleaning of the equipment. 2. Construction site concrete cleaning wool/surface coating removal. 3. The surface of the large transport internal cleaning during cleaning and maintenance. 4. Casting surface condition clean sand. 5. Industrial equipment in addition to the paint surface cleaning and surface rust. 6. Heat exchanger and condenser of daily cleaning and dredge. 7. Ship rust removal and cleaning heat exchanger in high pressure cleaner use method 1. Heat exchanger in high pressure cleaner of the working medium is water, water use is very convenient, but to make water filter link in particular, to prevent the blocking high pressure rubber hose, especially not to have dirty slag and impurities of the tap water into the water pipe of high pressure cleaner. 2. When using high pressure cleaner cleaning tube and shell condenser, to do the safety protection of operating personnel, take safety helmet. To strengthen the safety education of construction personnel, achieve the safe construction. 3. Pipeline cleaning spray nozzle to use eight hole nozzle, the nozzle spray in the direction of flow uniform distribution, to fully clean the pipe wall. 4. In the process of cleaning, to be equipped with specialist pedal control valve operation, ensure that cleaning operations personnel, can at any time and do it timely decompression and drainage. 5. When cleaning operations face, with clapboard sheltered from cooling tower spray flow of cooling water in the pipe, make the pipe mouth fully exposed, and convenient operation. 6. After completion of preparation work, began to clean the pipe, need two operators clenched hard tube and the nozzle, put it in the pipe, and open the power operation. 7. The power is turned on, the heat exchanger in high pressure cleaner operator pressure regulating valve regulating screw clockwise, make cleaning pressure increased, construction personnel to observe high pressure water jet cleaning ability, once reached the right pressure, to promptly notify the high pressure cleaning machine operators to stop rotating pressure regulating valve. Then, construction personnel hold high pressure cleaner high-pressure pipe, slowly down to the nozzle, high pressure water jet on the scale of the pipe to shock, makes the scale loss, according to the status of the pipe scale can move up and down repeatedly nozzle to clean the pipe wall, fall off until all scale. With foot control valve after decompression and drainage, the operating personnel to remove the hard tube and nozzle, and then by root on the heat transfer pipe cleaning. 8. After cleaning the pipe need to use pH test paper to detect presence of ammonia leakage phenomenon. Particular way is, put the pH paper on the pipe mouth, if the test paper to blue, shows the ammonia leakage, if the test paper, without ammonia leakage phenomenon. 9. When cleaning pressure control in 450 bar, clean-up descaling efficiency is higher, construction safety are reliable.
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