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Salad sauce filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-11
Mino salad sauce originated in the Mediterranean island, with plenty of eggs and oils, place in the diet for a long time. Automatic salad sauce filling machine equipment, the machines range, by changing different meter, can be used in the liquid, washing powder, broad bean paste, all kinds of bottles, bags of materials such as packaging, and use of prefabricated bags, multi-layer composite membrane, silicon dioxide, aluminum foil, single layer PE material, such as PP bag, paper bag can be used. Suitable for washing powder, softener, adsorbent, tomato sauce, salad sauce paste semi-fluid items. Automatic salad sauce filling machine features: 1, easy to operate: USES the PLC control, equipped with touch screen man-machine interface control system, easy to operate. 2, frequency control of motor speed: this machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulating device, can be arbitrary speed within the specified scope. 3, automatic detection function: if the bag did not open or incomplete, don't add material, heat sealing, bag can be repeated use, do not waste materials, for the user to save the cost of production. 4, the safety device: when the work pressure or heating tube failure occurs, report to the police. 5, the motor control, wide adjustable bag. Hold down the control button, can adjust each clamping width at the same time. 6, conform to the hygiene standards, food processing industry, the machine of contact with the material or packaging material such as stainless steel processing food hygiene requirements, to ensure the food hygiene safety.
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