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Introduction to the development of filling and sealing machine to keep up with the pace of the market

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-05
The filling and sealing machine is provided with a plastic hose advanced equipment. It applied ultrasonic plastic hose pincer-like device by the transducer operation occur in high fever and agile ablation to glue. So don't need to add any supplements, sealing speed, good quality, beautiful appearance, processing using adhesives or hot welding defects. Widely used in cosmetics, toothpaste, medicine, food, chemical and other professional use hose filling liquid packaging products. The machine features: the mechanical structure, equipped with active pipe boxes, active, active position, double head filling and sealing, no tube no filling, stable operation, high speed, sealing strong, beautiful, with organic glass dust cover. The machine adopts the rapid high efficient heater and stable flow meter imported hot air heating system, composed of a sealing strong, fast, does not damage the sealing surface, sealing appearance beautiful, neat. The machine can be equipped with a variety of different standard of the filling head, satisfied with the filling requirements of different viscosity. Filling and sealing machine have been carried out and follow the market, make various changes to the needs of customers. But many devices can prevent all kinds of wrong, so it requires that people must be familiar with some of the emergency operation fault handling, to prevent the loss of the formation of the enterprise is too big, Jin Zong listed below for us how to deal with filling and sealing machine stop feeding or discharging status. 1, speed, throttle valve and filling from the throttle valve is closed, throttle valve cannot be closed. 2, fast loading a foreign body inside the 3-way valve, if yes, please arrange, fast loading the 3-way valve and filling head air is there inside the hose, if there is air, try to cut or clean air. 3, check all the sealing ring is damaged, if damaged, please replace the new one. 4, filling and sealing JiGuan mouth have card plug valve core representation or delay the turn, if there is any card, want to install the valve core from the good position. Such as delayed turn, need to regulate the thin cylinder throttle valve. 5, fast loading within the 3-way valve tightening spiral spring up and down the stretch, stretch big check valve will be won't open. 6, the filling speed is too fast, throttle valve, regulate the filling speed by filling speed. 7, all card hoop, hose can be sealed, if please welcome corrections. 8, magnetic switch is not loose, please lock after each adjusted the quantity. Filling and sealing machine in order to progress in power, cut workers work, complete production mechanization, filling and sealing machine sealing level more accurately, and other packaging equipment compatibility and more perfect. Can be satisfied to produce a dragon, completely the requirements of the initiative, and in the process of filling liquid cuts the possibility of filling pollution, is very useful to protect the safety of canned goods.
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