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Grease filling machine filling way

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-09
Traditional grease filling machine filling method can be divided into three categories: 1. Grease filling machine filling volume is set the volume of filler, and comparing with need filling volume, when both at the same time, the filling stop, however, this type of filling machine is highly affected by the environment and the oil itself. Because of the influence of the temperature, the volume of oil change, affect the filling accuracy. 2. Automatic filling machine is mainly used for large capacity of material filling, such as VAT of lubricating oil, industrial oil, engine oil, etc. , widely used, its working principle is based on the filling volume Settings weighing value, and then filling it with weighing value comparison, then filling process, its advantage is high filling precision, not affected by external environment. 3. Servo piston filling machine widely used in cooking oil, olive oil, vegetable oil filling machine, automatic filling production. Apply to 1 l 5 l plastic roller packaging container of liquid filling production and filling of high precision, stable error, based on 1 - 5 l filling machine research and development, suitable for lubricating oil, edible oil, such as the liquid product requirements. 4. Microcomputer PLC automatic control, human-machine interface, high quality components to ensure long-term stability of its excellent quality and performance, humanized design, really realize the convenient adjustment and maintenance, without any special tools. Suitable for all kinds of rules in the shape of the container filling, the device has the function of the count, no bottle filling, high measurement precision, large range of filling, compact structure, stable running, etc. 5. Automatic filling type flowmeter is filling methods commonly used cooking oil filling machine, at the end of each filling valve is installed on high precision electronic flowmeter, by measuring the material volume to realize quantitative filling. The automatic filling machine adopts the flow measuring principle of filling, suitable for various specifications ( 1 - 5 liters) Pumpkin oil, hazelnut oil, peony oil, sesame oil, tea oil, linseed oil, cottonseed oil, olive oil and other oil filling, measuring device with high precision rotary encoder, guarantee the filling accuracy of 1%, while ensure the filling precision, improve the filling speed of 2% 35%, the equipment operation is simple, easy maintenance, save labor costs, higher production efficiency.
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