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Glass lining reactor operation

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-29
Only users in the daily operation of glass lining reactor using a lot of attention, understanding of glass lining reactor operating correctly use the matters needing attention, to the largest extent, prolong the service life of equipment, the author introduce the main considerations for everybody below reference for broad user use: 1, whether in use or parking for running state of glass lining reactor should be forbidden on surface of glass lining or reaction kettle shell, when used in operation should guard against hard objects fall into the reaction kettle to damage the surface of glass lining inside. 2, glass lining reactor using it is strictly prohibited in the process of quenching temperature, the heat change, in order to avoid the large temperature difference between hot and cold shock machine noe difference is more than urgent degeneration of normal value, thus causes the damage of the surface of the glass lining. For heating operation, the equipment in bubbled into steam when heated, the water in the jacket need to put the net. For cooling equipment operation, when you start the cooling water inlet valve, an one-off full open, access to advance to the jacketed pressure at 0. 1 mpa, keeping should be keep in 3 ℃ / min, the largest shoulds not be more than 5 ℃ / min. 3, in the operation need to be careful to avoid the kettle body of glass lining reactor shell contact with acid, alkali and other corrosive liquid, once the material contact immediately with clean cloth. 4, glass lining reactor in service inspection or check, when open manhole device or hand hole device, manhole or hand hole was built glass coating surface should be placed on the scaffold made of soft cork, do not make the glass lining surface directly on the hard ground or steel platform, or to face the glass lining placed on, remove the clamp should be nearby neatly arranged, do not interfere with the operation or walk. 5, in the process of operation should be often observe whether the thermometer casing is in contact with the material. Because of its high thermal resistance of the glass lining pipe, general temperature display and the actual temperature of the tank has a certain degree of lag, heating and cooling operation when the thermal inertia and the lag of display factors should be considered. 5, when reaction workshop environment lowest temperature 0 ℃ or less, should be put in use after the completion of all the water inside the glass lining jacketed reactor, avoid the equipment damage due to freezing equipment. 6, when the material after the reaction, when the discharge in case of glass lining reactor tank bottom plug, avoid by all means use metal utensils, bamboo or plastic, poke sticks gently. When found that glass lining clastic in discharge, shall be immediately can examination, reoccupy after repair. 7, although hisin glass lining reactor equipment, acid and alkali resistance are at the leading domestic level, but the glass lining reactor because of its material problem, made it impossible to use all of the working condition of the reaction environment, glass lining reactor main does not apply to the following reaction medium or material,, aggregation, and storage, heat transfer and other chemical process: any hydrofluoric acid concentration and temperature and medium containing fluorine ion or material; Concentration is greater than 30%, the temperature greater than 180 ℃ of phosphoric acid medium or material; PH value is greater than 12 and temperature higher than 80 ℃, alkaline medium or material; Acid and alkali materials alternates reaction process.
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