Emulsification machine machine is analysed

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-04-11
Mulser stable operation, low noise, easy to clean, flexible, can be continuous use, the material can be ultra-fine, emulsification. Can be widely used in industrial production of emulsion, homogeneous, and wandering. The precision of the stator and rotor, homework first, The stator and rotor forging manufacturing) Claw type structure, two-way absorption material, cutting efficiency is high. Intermittent high shear distractions emulsification homogenizer is through the rotation of the rotor speed smoothly, the formation of high frequency and intense circular tangential velocity and angular velocity integrated kinetic energy efficiency; Under the action of the stator, and rotor reasonable formed in the narrow gap, reciprocating hydraulic shear, conflict, centrifugal kneading, flow collision, such as comprehensive effect, material cycling in the container above process, finally to obtain the product. The intermittent high shear process: 1. Under the effects of the centrifugal force of high-speed rotating rotor, material from the job in this picture the head area of the upper and lower feed together from the axial suction cavity. 2. Faint centrifugal force to the material from the radial concentration, narrow the gap precision between the rotor. By centrifugal kneading, lighting strike etc force, make the material preliminary emulsion. 3. At a high speed rotating rotor outer end at least more than 15 m/s linear velocity, up to 40 m/s, and formed the intense mechanical and hydraulic shear, conflict, touch attack tear fluid layer, make the material abundant distractions, emulsion, homogeneous, crushing, through the stator slot injection together.
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