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Cosmetics paste filling machine automatic selection

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-21
Cosmetics paste filling equipment including: small semi-automatic paste filling machine, rotating paste filling machine of container, container nozzle rotating tube filling machine, filling machine, metal plastic tube filling machine, composite tube filling machine, paste machine, foam machine, computer intelligent pattern of filling machine and filling line, and paste automatic filling production line. The paste filling machine multi-function integrated production equipment, dedicated to the similar foam cleanser, mustard, toothpaste, ointment, class automatically packaging products, only a the paste filling machine equipment, can fully automated production, high degree of automation, automatic bottle from rotary to filling head, spurt the code in the process of transportation, print out the production batch number and date; After automatic quantitative filling, automatic sealing, and carried away by the conveyor belt is the cosmetics, daily necessities and food efficient paste filling machine equipment. Second, the semi-automatic cosmetics paste filling equipment. Semi-automatic piston filling machine, semi-automatic vertical filler is mainly manifested in the high degree of automation, strong adaptability, all kinds of packing material is suitable for filling viscous liquid, paste can also be used. The semi-automatic filling machine, filling food honey, cosmetic cream of various liquid, paste, broad adaptability, small body, mobile convenience, adopt pneumatic filling, also can use in explosion place, can also according to the properties of the material configuration heating, mixing function, etc.
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