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Cosmetic emulsion intelligent filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-22
Cosmetics emulsion intelligent filling machine is fully automatic liquid filling machine, actually has a touch screen intelligent control system, automatic filling, automatic counting, filling the function such as parameter setting, digital set, USES the piston filling, filling machine for filling of high viscosity product design and development, the whole machine is composed of storage hopper and the electric control, simple structure, convenient operation; Mainly applied to food, daily chemical and pesticide, chemical liquid materials such as filling. Cosmetics emulsion intelligent filling machine features: 1, cosmetics emulsion intelligent filling machine can be through the microcomputer ( PLC) Programmable control, photoelectric sensor, and pneumatic filling in the body. 2, suitable for filling containers of different specification, can be in a few minutes to switch the canned specifications, filling cycle is short, high production capacity; 3, the user can choose according to their own production capacity filling quantity to determine the number of filling head, 4 color screen, touch screen can display the production status, operating procedures, filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted, easy to operate and easy to maintain. 4, cosmetics emulsion intelligent filling machine automatic accurate alignment, each bottle with a bottle, to ensure that the material is in the right position. 5, the inlet valve, to ensure that no dripping or drawing in the filling process. 6, cylinder, piston and cylinder block made of PTFE and stainless steel materials, in line with the GMP requirements. 7, filling bulkhead using drip irrigation, the water filling equipment.
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