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Cooking oil filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-01
Cooking oil filling machine features and functions: 1, vacuum suction system, to ensure that the filling process does not drop, do not pollute the conveyor chain plate, and the bottle. 2, fill cover and cylinder is institution, can remove alone, does not leak liquid, will not damage the cylinder. 3, Riyadh, cylinder are durable and other seal parts adopt standard parts, such as change the simple maintenance is convenient. 4, the whole machine adopts high quality SUS34 stainless steel frame, material contact parts made of high quality 316 l stainless steel manufacturing. 5, outsourcing stainless steel and tempered glass door cover sealing body, all adopt sanitary pipe. 6, with a filling head filling into bottle, avoid small oil droplet splash, the phenomenon of rapid pollution at the speed of filling bottle. 7, using multilevel fast filling, ensures full fill under the high speed filling, and can effectively solve the air pressure is too high, too fast filling of the bubble overflow bottle phenomenon. 8, SUS316L stainless steel grade a molding of this cylinder, wall without error, higher accuracy. 9, edible oil filling machine operation procedure optimization, parameters of the product, and store when a customer fill when we have different specifications, different density parameters can be preset storage, when using a key switch, the operation more easy and convenient, at the same time reduces the skill of the operator. 1, edible oil filling machine adopts electric structure, when different specifications filling, adjust the height of the filling head directly, convenient and quick. 11, can also according to the requirements of the product process configuration, other functions such as automatic labeling machine equipment, automatic screw cap, automatically unscramble bottle machine, automatic packing machine and automatic production line linkage. Application field: industry such as food, daily chemical products, cosmetics, oil, chemical and other industries viscous liquid material. Oil products such as: pumpkin, hazelnut oil, peony seed oil, walnut oil, camellia oil, linseed oil, cottonseed oil, cooking oil, etc liquid.
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