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Construction installation points of heat exchanger

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-30
【 Problem 】 Heat exchanger construction installation points? 【 Answer 】 Must meet in order to make the basis of installing heat exchanger heat exchanger without sinking, or for the pipeline to excessive deformation heat transfer machine to take over. Foundation generally divided into two kinds: one kind is built of brick and saddle, heat exchanger directly without saddle support on the saddle, based on the heat exchanger and without a fixed base. And can be moved along with the need of thermal expansion. Another as the foundation of concrete, heat exchanger by saddle support by anchor bolt connect with the solid foundation. Before installing the heat exchanger should strictly on the basis of quality inspection and acceptance of work, the main projects are as follows: based on the surface of profiles; Basic level, plane, shape and main dimensions and hole is in line with the actual requirements; Whether is correct, the anchor bolt screw thread is good, whether the nut and washer is complete; Place mat iron base surface is smooth, etc. Basis after the completion of the acceptance, before installing the heat exchanger put mat iron, on the basis of place mat surface must be razed the basis of iron, both can be a very good contact. Shim thickness can be adjusted to make heat exchanger can reach the level of design level. Shim placed after can increase the stability of the heat exchanger on the basis, and transfer the weight through the shim evenly to the foundation. Mat iron can be divided into flat pad iron, oblique shim shim and openings. Among them, the oblique pad iron must be used in pairs. Side of the anchor bolt should pad iron, the installation of the pad iron should not interfere with heat exchanger heat expansion. Heat exchanger heat exchanger in place after the required level of leveling, can make all over so can not force under the condition of connection pipe. After leveling, inclined shim to support welded, but not with iron or the flat below cushion board welding die. When two or more superimposed heat exchanger installed, should look in the lower part of heat exchanger is finished, and anchor bolt fixed after fully, then install the upper heat exchanger. Can smoke tube bundle heat exchanger should core-pulling inspection before installation, cleaning, smoke tube bundle should pay attention to the sealing surface and the baffle plate. When moving and lifting tube bundle tube bundle shall be placed on the special supporting structure, in order to avoid damage to the heat exchange tube. According to the form of heat exchanger, with sufficient space should be at both ends of the heat exchanger to satisfy the conditions ( Operation) Cleaning and maintenance needs. Fixed epicranium end of floating head heat exchanger should have enough space to bundle, 'from the casing outside the cranium end must also set aside more than a metre in casual split cranium and floating head cover. Fixed at both ends of the tube plate heat exchanger should set aside enough space to take out and replace the pipe. And, when cleaning pipe by mechanical method. Both sides can scrub on the pipe for operation. Fixed cranium of u-tube heat exchanger should set aside enough space to take control, also can be in one end of its relative to set aside enough space so as to remove the shell. Heat exchanger shall not run under the condition of more than nameplate. Should often to tube and shell side of medium temperature and pressure drop of supervision, analysis of the heat exchange tube leakage and scaling. Tube and shell heat exchanger is to use the pipe to make the material of inside and outside heat, cooling, cooling, heating and evaporation process, compared with other devices, the rest of the corrosive medium contact surface area is very big, corrosion perforation junction relaxation spill sex is very high, so the corrosion and leakage protection methods for heat exchanger is more than other equipment also consider, when heat exchanger using the steam heating or cooling water to the solute in the water after heating, most of the solubility can be improved, and calcium sulfate type substance is almost no change. Cooling water recycle, often due to the evaporation of water, the salt concentration, deposition or dirt. And because of the water containing dissolved gas corrosion and chloride ions cause equipment corrosion, corrosion and fouling alternates, corrosion of the steel. Must therefore be cleaned in order to improve the performance of the heat exchanger. Due to the difficulty of cleaning degree is increased with the increase of scale or sedimentary layer thickness increased rapidly, so the cleaning interval time shoulds not be too long, should according to the characteristics of the production plant, the nature of the heat transfer medium, the corrosion speed and operation cycle, and so on and so forth on a regular basis for inspection, repair and cleaning. Heat exchanger is used widely, in the daily life of heating heating radiator, condenser in the turbine unit and the oil cooler on the space rocket, etc. , are all heat exchanger. It is widely used in chemical, oil, power and atomic energy industries. Its main function is required by the specific process of medium temperature, and is also one of the main equipment of energy efficiency. Heat exchanger is but a single device, such as heater, cooler and steam condenser, etc. ; But also a part of the process equipment, such as ammonia synthetic tower's heat exchanger. Early because of the manufacturing process and scientific level, can only use simple structure of heat exchanger, and heat transfer area is small, large and heavy volume, such as coil heat exchanger, etc. With the development of the manufacturing process, and gradually form a pipe heat exchanger, it not only has a large heat transfer area per unit volume, and the heat transfer effect is better also, in the industrial production for a long time to become a kind of typical heat exchanger.
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