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Cleansing milk filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-06
Cleansing milk filling machine characteristics and performance: 1, cleansing milk filling machine adopts touch screen and PLC control system in Taiwan, realize non-contact operation, intuitive and convenient and reliable operation. 2, the machine structure is compact, automatic closed tube, transmission parts. 3, performed by automatic control system for pipe, washing pipe, fold the knowledge standard, filling, sealing, code, product process. 4, completed by pneumatic way for pipe, tube, accurate and reliable. 5, the use of photoelectric sensor to complete the automatic positioning filling, sealing. 6, cleansing milk filling machine adjustment easy tear open outfit. 7, intelligent temperature control and cooling system, the operation is simple, convenient adjustment. 8, has a number of memory and quantitative stop device. 9, automatic sealing, can through different manipulator on unified machine, with twenty percent, thirty percent, while, saddle type folding and sealing a variety of ways. 1, material contact part is made of stainless steel (316 l), clean, health, completely accords with the GMP requirements of pharmaceutical production. 11, a safety device, open the door down, no tube no filling and overload protection. Scope of application: cleansing milk filling machine for filling and sealing machine is widely used in daily chemicals, cosmetics, food filling liquid, paste, such as mustard, toothpaste, shoe polish, facial cleanser, hand cream, bb cream, cc cream, foundation products such as different filling liquid products.
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