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Automatic filling machine daily check

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-22
2, in the process of mechanical operation and production, to observe the machine parts, check whether the elevator operation is normal, without exception, whether the screws is loose. 3, daily check of the condition of the grounding line, see if there's any loose marks. 4, often clean, keep the table clean, no peculiar smell, check whether there is any leakage on the pneumatic piping, cracking phenomenon. 5, regular replacement of speed reducer lubricating oil, it is better to change once a year. Check the chain firmness, timely adjust the tension. 6, if do not use the filling machine for long time, such as festival, all materials in the piping should be clear and clean. 7, we are all very attention to food hygiene and safety, to ensure the health environment of filling machine to run every day, always keep the filler surface clean, clear in time the impurity in the balance of body, pay attention to the control cabinet. 8, the sensor is a kind of high precision, high sealing, high sensitivity of the mechanical device. Work shall not touch, non-professional technical personnel shall not, without repairing and maintenance. Not too serious impact and overload. Automatically to check, you have to cut off the circuit breaker or pull out the power plug, in case of electric shock, burns and personal injury, for does not solve the problem may contact the filler Jin Zong equipment manufacturers, professional for clients to solve the problem of all kinds of automatic filling machine.
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