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Automatic filling machine common problems

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-03-01
Automatic filling machine cleaning and maintenance does not reach the designated position, may lead to a variety of filling machine fault, automatic filling machine failure, how to solve? A, automatic filling machine filling quantity is not accurate: 1, to determine whether the semi-automatic filling machine magnetic reed switch is loose. 2, to reduce the cylinder extraction speed 1 ( Only applies to high viscosity materials) 。 3, check whether the 3-way valve (pos. No. The check valve is foreign body get stuck and cause leakage. 4, identification of viscous liquid filling machine filling valve core is blocked or later on. 5, check whether every joint of the air leakage in the seal. 6, the lock nut is loose inside the tee, spring is there enough flexibility. Second, the filling material in filling pattern material barrel backend leakage 1, check on the piston sealing ring is damaged, if damaged, please replace. 2. Confirm the piston and piston rod fastening. 3. Whether the piston is located in the center of the feed cylinder aluminum bracket. Three, viscous liquid filling machine filling nozzle emit no 1, the seal is not good, has the air infiltration. In 2, tee nut loose or fall off. 3, the check valve in the tee is stuck, unable to seal. 4, three links in the spring force is too large, elastic is too large, the piston of the suction can not open. 5, check the wear and tear of viscous liquid filling machine piston seal. 6, filling nozzle stuck. Automatic filling machine for long time using, it is easy to failure, as long as the daily maintenance work, the possibility of failure can be reduced. Above part filling machine malfunction and solution are introduced, in the understanding of fault at the same time, can be solved after the failure in person filling machine of these faults can also contact the filling machine of professional technical personnel.
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