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Analysis of the appearance and weight of the filling and sealing machine have been improved

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-23
Filling liquid pause in the closed and half closed type filling paste, liquid, sealing with no leakage, filling weight, capacity, good consistency, a completion of filling, sealing, printing, applicable to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, chemical industry in areas such as product packaging. Such as dermatitis, ointment, hair dye, toothpaste, shoe polish, adhesives, AB glue, epoxy glue, neoprene etc material filling and FengMen. Is the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and other useful career ambitions, economy of filling equipment. The use and function of the filling and sealing machine: 1, transmission part closed under channels, safe and reliable, no pollution; 2 channels, filling and sealing parts installed in more than half closed no static frame visible enclosure, easy to survey, easy operation, easy maintenance; 3, PLC control, man-machine dialogue interface; 4, progressive turntable driven by CAM, fast speed, high precision; 5, hang on tube, tube organization is equipped with vacuum adsorption equipment, ensure active pipe precisely into the world; 6, filling and sealing machine, photoelectric for standard workstation, using high-precision sensor, step motor control such as hose picture is located right orientation; 7, filling the mouth with the organization of break, to ensure the quality of filling; 8, no tube no filling; 9, selection of sealing ( Leister hot air gun) Internal heating tube end, external equipment cooling cooling equipment; 10, active play word workstation will word printed on the technological requirements of bearing; 11 and plastic shear hose tail manipulator at right angles or rounded corners to choose; 12, with police, without alarm, door key, overload downtime; 13, number and quantitative downtime. Along with the advance of cartoning machine produce technology, the appearance of the filling and sealing machine and weight have been improved, more and more beautiful appearance, weight also in gradually reduce, in power also
Guangdong Jinzong Machinery Co., Ltd. thinks that that firms can avoid the artificial choice between quantitative and qualitative risk management, allowing both to play important roles in surfacing and assessing risks.
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