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What viscous liquid filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-06
Manufacturer in daily filling production, always meet some liquidity more bad of the material, such as/liquid laundry detergent and cosmetics cream, high temperature of asphalt, glyphosate, etc. , this kind of material are prone to bubbles during filling, liquidity is poor, if not good control on the production efficiency is very poor. Recommend below the piston liquid filling machine for cosmetic, oil, food, cosmetics and chemical industries, such as high viscosity fluid filling: our type filling liquid filling machine adopts level descend, servo motor control filling movement, multi-speed, fast speed and solves the general low foam filling. When subjected to a high temperature of asphalt, glyphosate type of foam materials, we will use a longer stainless steel anti-corrosion spray gun to the barrel filling, filling dive control to solve the ascension. Liquid filling filling machine pneumatic device has strong filling characteristics, very suitable for viscous liquid filling, filling head configuration 2 - according to the demand 16 head of production efficiency, can also configure the newest tracking filling body, filling in the conveyor products, adopt the smart touch control panel, set the filling amount, filling speed, parameter setting, bottle can be regulated through simple change the bottle type. 1 filling machine characteristics and performance. Liquid filling machine equipment by the auto filling system, electric control, pneumatic control, mechatronics filling machine composed of stainless steel frame and so on. 2. Filling high measuring precision, not affected by material. 3. Fast/slow two filling speed, fast feeding to ensure production, slow feeding assure accuracy; 4. In the range of filling amount adjustment, can be arbitrary set 5 filling weight and other weight parameters. Fast loading structure is used in filling head, pipe materials using 316 stainless steel, convenient cleaning, can be replaced according to the product filling quantity. 6. 2 - material buffer hopper volume 2 l ( Can be customized) , use SUS34 or 316 l stainless steel manufacturing. 7. Other configurable bottles, washing bottles, cover, screw cap and so on function equipment production line, provided free of charge.
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