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What are the function of automatic filling machine production line?

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-24
The automatic equipment using the straight-line linear structure, using the special metering pump quantitative, accurate measurement, with compact structure, beautiful appearance, stable and reliable performance, high filling precision, strong adaptability, simple operation, convenient maintenance characteristic. The filling machine production line is widely used in food, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, daily chemical products, cosmetics, beverage industries of liquid materials such as liquid, cream. The principle of automatic filling machine production line features: 1. Quantitative liquid filling machine is a kind of automatic filling machine, suitable for filling various kinds of oil, such as lubricating oil and cooking oil. 2. The aircraft equipped with touch screen, frequency control of motor speed conveyor belt 8 meters, automatic induction type cap unscrewing machine, true air defence dripping device. 3. The filler has a beautiful appearance, high filling precision, convenient adjustment, the characteristics of simple operation. 4. Man-machine interface set filling quantity directly. 5. PLC program control, inverter line speed filling. 6. High precision volume flowmeter, quantitative accurate and reliable. 7. Double drip tight, with mechanical seal and vacuum suction; 8. Double filling flow efficiency, speed, speed is slow. 9. Filling machine production line machine of stainless steel material in accordance with GMP standard. 1. Production line running smooth, easy to each function combination, easy maintenance, can according to customer's own production process requirement for a variety of combinations. 11. Filling speed: fast and slow two quick filling, filling speed is adjustable, to eliminate the phenomenon of bottles of overflow. 12. The true color man-machine interface in Chinese, terminal display operation platform, and USES the Chinese menu, man-machine interface with parameter setting, work status, help information, fault alarm, and other features intuitive and convenient. It is convenient for parameter adjustment and test of various kinds of functions.
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