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What are some of the characteristics of a vacuum homogeneous emulsifying machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-11
Vacuum homogeneous emulsifying agent belongs to emulsification device. Its structure includes water pot, pan with oil phase, emulsifying pot and control cabinet. Product water tank and oil tank through a pipe respectively connected to the emulsifying tank, products emulsification tank connected to the control cabinet. Products of the control cabinet is equipped with oil cylinder and vacuum pump. The products of emulsifying pot has on the top of the cover. Cover by beam connected to the cylinder piston rod. Products of vacuum pump is connected to the tank of the emulsion. Emulsification tank connection through the axis of rotation and tilt institutions. Compared with the existing technology, the do not need artificial mixing vacuum homogeneous emulsifying machine, save time, improve work efficiency, reduce the labor intensity of workers, stir well, has good popularization and application value. With fewer bubbles and good emulsification effect of vacuum emulsifier including fixed frame and a fixed frame. Emulsification tank through the axis of rotation is installed on the fixed frame. Vacuum pump arrangement of above product fixed frame. Products through the vacuum tube connected to the vacuum pump emulsification tank. It has a fast connection. The emulsification of the product below the tank has a emulsifying agent. Product fixed frame is equipped with motor, connected to the rotor of motor. Vacuum emulsifier emulsion tank by vacuum pump, air by rotating emulsifying tank liquid mixing, greatly reduced the incidence of emulsifying tank bubbles, improve the effect of the emulsion, and simple structure.
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