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Understand the automatic filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-03-08
Beverage filling machine automatically see the two sides, so there will be some idea about this thing, can say is, because, according to a judging the nature of things is very difficult, in order to fully understand the nature of a thing, you have to see the two sides of things. Automatic filling machine bottle by airway transportation, and then by the star wheel to the triad filling machine. Bottle installed on the hot bottle machine rotary table. Bottle holder along the guide rail rotary bottle 180 degrees, so that the bottle down. In a particular area of the bottle washing machine, bottle nozzle bottles of water and cleaning the inner wall of the bottle. After washing and drainage, along a bottle of bottle of guide rail turn 180 degrees, make the bottle up. After cleaning, the bottles from the bottle filling machine output, and through the star wheel is transferred to the filling machine. Into the filling machine, the bottle is the bottleneck of interface card bottle under the action of CAM, then filling valve is opened the bottle. Filling the gravity filling method is adopted. Filling valve opens, the material through the filling valve finished filling process. After filling, bottle falls off and leave the filling valve. Capping machine spinner will stick to the neck of the bottle, keep the bottle upright, prevent rotation. Pressure curtain to keep the rotation of the capping machine and rotation, gland, and gland and under the action of CAM, implementation, to complete the whole process of gland. Finished product bottles by rotating wheel out of the bottle from the capping machine moved out of the bottle conveyor chain and triplex machine from out of the bottle conveyor chain transfer.
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