SPN - 2 advanced capsule counting machine characteristics

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-04-18
SPN - 2 modified capsule counting machine is my factory production of a fist product, its features: 1, using the pure mechanical screen acting, the number of reel in one plane only do whirl screen, without electrical oscillation type electromagnetic vibrating up and down. Tablet, capsule in several relatively sieve plate do move, easily fall into several pieces hole. Because there is no vibration, the thickness of the tablets no matter thin again, also won't be the pop-up several holes and cause less grain. Screen dynamic strength is fixed at the same time, is very stable. 2, the designers use screen dynamic process, the main motor to the eccentric shaft input a cyclical directional force, make several piece of plate in the process of sifting, do big circle again at the same time. And, more importantly, reel in a small range of sifting and large circular motion, some pills into the hole, and then lined up neatly marching along the curved track, pills won't because of the fast collision fragments.
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