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Special heat exchanger anticorrosion # acidproof alkali thermal conductivity anticorrosive coatings

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-22
In industrial production, in order to realize the material between the heat transfer process of a device, collectively known as the heat exchanger. It is the oil, chemical industry, air conditioning and refrigeration and many other industries are widely used a common process equipment. For the rapid development of the chemical industry, heat exchanger is particularly important. Corrosion problems of heat exchanger is one of the most concern, because of the heat exchanger is not only a medium corrosion, heat and corrosion, corrosion and dirt, so complex conditions of corrosion and many other devices is difficult to meet. Chi ShengWeiHua thermal conductive anticorrosion coating expert points out, corrosion of heat exchanger is very serious, its corrosion resistance is also very, in a sense, the heat exchanger anticorrosion technology height is often a country one of the important symbol of the levels of science and technology. To heat exchange tube does not suffer from corrosion, the most fundamental way is to choose the corrosion resistance of metal or nonmetal materials for heat exchanger. But for corrosion resistance of metal or nonmetal material, its price is expensive, factors such as processing difficulties, causing currently the most widely used material or carbon steel heat exchanger. So, for the most widely used carbon steel heat exchanger cheap anticorrosion measures is more feasible and more meaningful. Sinopec, popularization and application of coating on heat exchanger technology attaches great importance to and clear, every new change and new equipment of carbon steel water cooler, uniformly coated with anticorrosive paint. The volunteers ShengWeiHua chemical group to learn fast heat exchange tube, heat transfer, high temperature mold, cracking tubes, heaters and other equipment components, both corrosion resistance in high temperature alkali medium and has good heat resistance, heat tzu bossesway r&d personnel to paint coating high heat conduction, strong infrared radiation, on the basis of the development of high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistance, high thermal conductivity of ZS - 722 acid thermal conductivity anticorrosive coatings. Have all sorts of anticorrosive coatings because of the limitations of its use, some ability of high temperature corrosion resistant but not heat conduction, some thermal conductivity but not oil resistant, some short service life, etc. But the ZS - 722 thermal conductivity anticorrosive coating with high conduction film-forming solution and high heat transfer and thermal radiation of packing, good curing coating conduction coefficient ( 70℃) Can reach 50 w/m. Blackbody radiation coefficient k, coating can reach 0. 92 epsilon, the heat exchange rate than not besmear brushs ZS - 722 acid and thermal conductive anticorrosion coating substrate material can increase by more than 10%, on the part of the material can be improved by more than 50%. So it has excellent heat resistance and anticorrosive performance, to acid, alkali, salt solution and organic solvent corrosion, the highest working temperature can reach 750 ℃. z - 722 high acid and thermal expansion coefficient of thermal conductivity anticorrosive coatings, temperature rise and fall repeatedly coating can expand and contract and consistent, won't produce the phenomenon such as crack and fall off. z - 722 acid anticorrosion coating of thermal conductivity function of various components of the ceramic packing, mutual synergy gives coating excellent wear resistance, thermal shock, can be long time fluid of cavitation erosion resistance of friction and friction powder.
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