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Some Suggestions on grain sauce filling machine maintenance

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-12-03
In general the customer after buying the first grain sauce filling machine for installation debugging, not sure if you do that, will contact the relevant personnel, let the guidance of the service is completed, do so to avoid the appears some problems in the process of installation and debugging, caused a certain loss. Can work normally, after completion of installation and debugging for the maintenance of it we give the following Suggestions: 1, grain sauce filler filling automatic and manual two kinds of action points, when the height of machine adopts manual when using manual, only need to touch the tongue with a bottle a push, which began filling of absorb be sure not to touch the tongue to resist. When using automatic discharging must first put the bottle mouth, switch to instant automatic filling, and in a timely manner to replace the bottle. 2, when found filling measurement is not stable, should check sundries feed check valve may be clamped, cause the untight seal, affect the filling quantity. 3, grain sauce filling machine cylinder bottom material leakage, piston sealing ring wear, need to replace the sealing ring. 4, material cylinder, tee part adopts connection, without any special tools, loading and unloading of cleaning is very convenient.
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