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Small doses of liquid filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-03-13
Small doses of liquid filling machine is a small class of packaging machine products, the packaging machine is widely used in food, beverage, daily chemical and other industries, by filling, plug, plug, pressure in the outer cover, screw cover, PLC control of the main parts, such as the filling parameters by the touch screen control products, such as filling capacity, filling rate, delivery rate, etc. Small doses of liquid filling machine adopts CAM drive, accurate, smooth transmission, PLC automatic control the whole process of the filling, press the plug, sealing and the machine is suitable for eye drops, tincture of iodine, such as small bottle, the configuration of the dose in preparation. Small doses of liquid filling machine is an intermediate in the process of packaging process, automatically unscramble bottle, automatically send bottles, filling automatic positioning, automatic cover, screw cap, etc, can be joint printing, labeling, and other auxiliary process, filling technology is mainly used for production factory packaging, occupies an important position in packaging technology. Small doses of liquid filling machine refers to the packaging products for loading goods, according to the requirements of the liquid filling into packaging containers, should be accurately measuring the amount of liquid materials ( Volume or weight) , any method has its filling accuracy, strict for valuable materials and materials, filling accuracy can reach & plusmn; 。 1%; For the heavy bag packaging, can be greater than this value, the higher filling accuracy requirement, therefore, should be based on actual production situation of automatic filling machine filling accuracy. Small doses of liquid filling machine because there are many different kinds of filling project, a variety of shapes, different physical and chemical properties, filling technology is complex and extensive applicability, filling material is divided into two categories: liquid and solid material filling material filling.
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