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SHJ three-dimensional swinging mixer related introduction

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-26
One, the main use HSJ series 3 d swinging mixer is a widely in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry and other industries and scientific research units of the novel material mixing machine. This machine can flow very mixing performance good powdery or granular materials, mixing materials to achieve the best effect. Second, the working principle of the HSJ series three maintenance working principle of the swinging mixer with the traditional rotary mixer is not the same, it's on the cube on the three dimensional space as a unique translation, rotation, and rock movement, that the material in the mixing drum in the 'rotating flow - Translation - Reverse fall 'and so on the complex motion state, the so-called TURBULA state; Produce a pulse alternately, continuously promote the material, the turbulent motion have change the energy of the gradient, so that be mixed materials of motion of each particle has not spread in the frequent movement of each particle in the constantly change their position, produced satisfactory result of mixture. Material mixture is one of the most avoid is two things: one is the existence of mixed centrifugal force in the movement, it can make cannot be mixed density of material produce segregation; 2 it is to be mixed material clouds block and accumulation of motion, spread the material cannot effectively admixture, the three dimensional oscillating motions to overcome the disadvantage of mixing machine, it is the ideal efficient mixing equipment in the world. Three, the structure characteristics of HSJ series 3 d swinging mixer consists of frame, driving system, three-dimensional motion mechanism, mixing drum and electric control system components, such as direct contact with the material mixing barrel is made of high quality stainless steel materials, the cylinder body wall by precision polishing. 1, the frame: the machine frame by model steel, out of stainless steel aspects of analysis. Frame structure is reasonable, the stability of the whole machine effectively, fully comply with pharmaceutical GMP requirements. 2, drive system: this machine drive system is made up of motor, reduction gear system, inverter, and control system of reduction gear system, the design of concise, smooth and reliable transmission, inertia, the inverter can effectively buffer overload start can accurately choose the best position when stop cylinder, to facilitate feeding or discharging.
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