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Semi-automatic pneumatic filling machine principle

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-20
Semi-automatic pneumatic filling machine after connecting a gas source and the measuring cylinder is located in the lower part ( In the working status can absorb enough rubber) After work, after waiting for the last set aside. 2, fill in the container, stepping on the reversing valves, reversing valve pneumatic directional control valve is in the left foot position, metering pump for filling adhesive, outward measurement drive cylinder piston rod of the valve into schedule reversing valve, reverse trip valve, pneumatic directional control valve position correctly, metering pump suction plastic, after a filler, prepare for the next filler. 3, when the need for filling, set the selector switch to the closed position, at this point, the piston rod will hit stroke valve, it will be full again, over and over again. 4, by adjusting the one-way throttle valve can adjust inspiratory and filling speed. 5, by adjusting the stroke reversing valve, and measuring the relative position of the drive cylinder piston rod to adjust the measured values. 6, the main structure by the frame, container, measurement of gating system, workbench, etc parts. 7, measuring mechanism adopts plunger method, measuring filling system is easy to adjust the filling volume and filling speed, Filling amount is achieved by adjusting the stroke on the cylinder valve. 8, semi-automatic pneumatic filling machine by adjusting the speed regulating valve on the cylinder, the filling speed can be realized, accurate filling volume, measurement error is less than 2%, 9, according to different materials to replace filling nozzle; This machine is divided into the hopper type self-priming and the location of the workbench can be adjusted according to the size of the filling a container.
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