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Semi-automatic filling machine hot pepper sauce

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-03-20
With professional semi-automatic chili sauce filling machine filling technology, an edge in the current market, embodies the advantages of filling machine, let me see how use chili sauce filling machine will reduce labor costs. ( 1) Semi-automatic filling machine hot pepper sauce finished packing production specialization, greatly improved production capacity, it is manual filling. ( 2) Mechanized equipment to reduce Labour intensity, improve working conditions, protect the environment, save raw materials, reduce the product cost. 3) Semi-automatic filling machine use to ensure that the hot pepper sauce packaging products clean and safe, improve the quality of the product packaging, enhanced the competitiveness of the market sales. ( 4) To extend product shelf life, to ease the flow of products. Vacuum, ventilation, the use of aseptic packaging machine such as, can make the products circulation scale, extend the shelf life of products. ( 5) Choose semi-automatic chili sauce filling machine, can reduce packaging site area, infrastructure investment, saving product manual packing, due to workers packing, filling large difference.
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