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Semi-automatic filling machine and working principle of automatic filling machine is what

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-02-19
Working principle of the filler is actually a result, in order to be able to achieve linkage is used to drive machinery to drive, so that you can let each place can coordinate with each other's work. Semi-automatic filling machine has a once-through liquid filling, piston paste filling. Once-through liquid filling principle is simple, constant current timing way of filling in the given conditions, a liquid level pressure by adjusting the filling time to precisely control the filling quantity. And high concentration of fluid for semi-automatic piston filler filling filling machine, it is through the cylinder, a piston and rotary valve tee to extract and with high concentration of material, principle and air cylinder is controlled by magnetic reed switch, can adjust the filling quantity. Automatic filling machine is divided into straight-through type liquid filling machine and piston liquid filling machine, their working principle are similar, but varies from one degree of automation. When the bottle into the transmission belt, passes through the infrared sensors, unscramble bottle machine is also in constant during the period of the work, previously entered to pass infrared sensors bottle filling have completed the card in the bottle outside the infrared sensor gradually released to the conveyor belt. This can be achieved without a bottle doesn't work, avoid the waste of resources. When the weight of the filling to the specified will stop filling, some filling will be equipped with suction system back. Choose how filling machine is need according to your product, if your material concentration is higher, choice is necessarily piston filling machine, moreover is to see your request to factory production, if the request is not high, choose the semi-automatic filling machine, high production requirements, select the automatic filling machine. Filling machine
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