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Second-hand stainless steel shell and tube condenser

by:Jinzong Machinery     2020-10-25
Second-hand stainless steel shell and tube condenser of more than 5000 square meters, of which all stainless steel more than 1000 square meters, half stainless steel condenser of more than 3000 square meters, the company qualified insurable 5 kg pressure experiment. Welcome to users in need come to my company inspection equipment status quo. Contact phone number: manager Ming second-hand stainless steel shell and tube condenser shell and tube condenser according to the material divided into carbon steel shell and tube condenser, stainless steel shell and tube condenser, and carbon steel and stainless steel mixing column tube condensing 3 kinds. According to the form is divided into fixed tube-sheet, floating-head type, U type tube type heat exchanger. According to the structure is divided into single tube side, double tube side and tube side. Heat transfer area 0. 5 - 500 square meters. It can customize according to user's need. Applies in the chemical industry, light industry, metallurgy, pharmacy, food, chemical and other industries to do all kinds of heat exchange equipment, especially for condenser, instead of the original stainless steel, enamel, graphite, glass condenser. After use effect is remarkable. Corrosion resistance: polypropylene with excellent chemical resistance, for inorganic compounds, regardless of acid, alkali, salt solution, in addition to the strong oxidizing materials, almost until 100 ℃ for its function, to almost all the solvent at room temperature are insoluble, general alkanes, diameter, alcohol, phenol, aldehyde, ketone, etc all can use. Temperature tolerance: polypropylene plastic melting point is 164 - 174 ℃, therefore generally use temperature is 110 - 125℃。 Non-toxic: no scaling, no pollution medium, and can be used in the food industry. Light weight: the equipment installation and maintenance is very convenient. Second-hand stainless steel shell and tube condenser shell and tube condenser equipment is mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, light industry and other industry production in the process of heating or cooling the supplies. Shell and tube heat exchanger can use the material such as SUS304, SUS316L, a light tube heat exchange tube, spiral pipe, the smallest available 6 x 1. Tube plate and pipe connection can be used welding and welding, tube expanding or expansion, my company production of shell and tube condenser according to the different needs of users design and manufacture. We now supply used condenser 3000 square meters, used 3 square 200 square stainless steel shell and tube condenser, nine into new equipment, equipment quality, can test on the spot, supply second-hand 1500 square spiral plate heat exchanger, model accessories complete, long-term supply of second-hand condenser, heat exchanger, used the reaction kettle, drying machine, second-hand used centrifuge, filter press, second-hand second-hand stainless steel tank, used chemical equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, second-hand look interested persons to contact research equipment, contact phone number:, my company's long-term supply of second-hand chemical equipment, used pharmaceutical equipment, used stainless steel tanks, stainless steel reaction kettle, second-hand used enamel reaction kettle, electric heating reaction kettle second-hand, second-hand stainless steel mixing tank, used drier, vacuum dryer, second-hand used vibration fluidized bed dryer, used rake dryer, used freeze drying machine, used vacuum drying box, used the flash dryer, used tube bank dryer, second-hand air drier, used boiling dryer, used centrifuge, used horizontal screw centrifuge, second-hand horizontal centrifuge, used disc separator, tubular separator second-hand, second-hand imports of domestic centrifuge, used stainless steel, used spiral plate heat exchanger, used the evaporator and condenser used centrifugal scraper thin-film evaporator, used multiple effect evaporator, used distillation column, the secondary fermentation tank, used to extract cans, used cold hot cylinder, high shear second-hand, second-hand homogenizer, used sterilization pot, steam boiler, second-hand used heat conduction oil furnace, used stainless steel tanks, interested parties please contact research equipment
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