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Quantitative methods of liquid filling machine

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-31
Liquid filler method to control the liquid level height is by controlling the filling liquid level height of container to realize quantitative filling, every load is equal to a certain height to the volume of the liquid materials bottle cavity volume, so also called & other; Each bottle of quantitative & throughout; , the method is simple in structure, does not need auxiliary equipment, easy to use, but is not suitable for quantitative accuracy requirement for higher product, because the bottle's volume precision directly affects the precision of the filling volume. Its working principle is that when filling in the beginning, rising and lift the rubber mat, packaging container has a gap between the sliding sleeve and filling head, liquid into the bottle, the bottle inside the original gas from the exhaust pipes to the storage tank. When internal liquid to exhaust nozzle cross section, gas is not able to discharge, with the constant filling of liquid materials, liquid level more than exhaust nozzle, a bottle of gas is compressed, the pressure increase, once the pressure balance, liquid materials no longer into the bottle, rise along the exhaust pipe. Automatic filling machine, based on the principle of connection device, it rises to the level inside the tank, then the bottle down, compression spring to ensure that the packing and sliding sleeve closed again, the exhaust pipe of the liquid, quantitative filling material into the bottle, as long as the operating conditions the same, every time the height of the liquid in the bottle also stay the same, to change the filling quantity, just adjust the height of the exhaust pipe into the bottle location.
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