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Mineral water filling production lines

by:Jinzong Machinery     2021-01-10
Mineral water filling production line adopts fast brand electronic components at home and abroad, this technology is advanced, beautiful appearance, high automation degree, easy operation, reliable performance, the full automatic spring water filling production line is widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries, is the ideal choice for mineral water production line. How to maintain the mineral water filling production line? Please note the following: 1, in the process of maintenance, filling machine pressure of compressed air should be zero, remove and remove the components of compressed air side before, must confirm the pressure has dropped to zero. Three-phase motor, ensure the correct direction and the pressure and flow of compressed air. 2, check the engine, whether you need bearing lubrication, it is strictly prohibited without oil, the machine can only start after the normal operation, observe whether parts fasteners loose at the same time, the parts after running stability, can be normal use. 3, before starting, carefully check whether all the tank has water, roller chain plate is stuck, conveyor belt whether there is sundry, tanks if there is a bottle cap, water, electricity, gas is switched on, again open the main power supply, the power light is lit up, fault indicator light and emergency stop light is not lit, is content start condition, press the start button on the control box and filling the start switch, and after three beeps, warnings, and the machine started running, wash, rinse, and into the irrigation automatic working mode. 4, parking, press the stop button of the filling and control box, after downtime, the main power supply should be closed.
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